About Me

I am Mya Kacvinsky, I am a creative portrait, wedding, and landscape photographer located in Cleveland, OH serving Northeast Ohio with a will to travel anywhere.

I started taking photos at a very young age, like most young kids do when they have a camera put in their hands. Starting back in 2014 I would take pictures of any much anything I found cute or interesting with my iPhone 4, I was inspired by Tumblr photos as cheesy as that sounds. In 2016, I started an Instagram page consisting of photos heavily edited on the app VSCO and I gained a pretty steady following, surpassing 8k followers within months. Christmas of 2016, I was gifted with my first DSLR camera, I had no idea how to use it but I would just play around and take pictures of the same subjects I was taking with my iPhone camera. I watched YouTube videos religiously on photography and eventually learned Manual Focus & Settings, I had my friends and family members model for me to get some practice, It wasn't until June of 2018 where I had my first paid senior session and boy was I excited but I definitely improved from then.

July of 2018 I took a summer class at the Cleveland Institute of Art where I stayed on campus for two weeks, had 3 photography classes a day, made some awesome friends and was surrounded by the beautiful cityscape of University Circle. I became super invested and learned more skills in photography. My senior year I was known as the girl who took pictures, I booked up more sessions and met new people. The month of my high school graduation, I decided it was time to become a business and build a brand for myself. My brand name changed from Mya Marie Photography to Peachy Media, The name came to be after one of my projects my junior year where I made a notebook from scratch which had the phrase "just peachy" written on it, my favorite color was also peach. The media part comes from my intertwining of graphic design and photography.

To this day, I have traveled to over 25 different states to photograph different stories, styled concepts, from collaborations and to meet new people. Photography has become a major part of my life and I love every second I get to be behind the camera.

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